Meet Our Tutors

Hi! My name is Ashlyn, and I am a freshman English Writing major. I enjoy reading, writing, cross stitch embroidery, and playing the piano. This is my first semester working at Writers Block, but I am excited to help you give your writing a boost and dazzle your professors. My strengths include formulating thesis statements and working on clarity. Drop by to get help with your writing; I will be happy to assist!


Hey! I am Jacee, and I am a sophomore English Writing major. I grew up in the Springfield, Missouri area, but my absolute favorite place is the beach. Seriously, I would live by the ocean in a heartbeat! I love to travel, but when I cannot, books are my favorite way to experience the world! Reading and writing fiction have always been my biggest hobbies, and after OC, I plan to make writing my career. If you ever want to talk about books, ask for suggestions, or have suggestions to share, I would be thrilled to hear! I can help you with grammar (I am a total grammar nerd), essays, and structure. This is my first semester at the Writing Center, and I am so excited to work as a writing tutor this year!

Emily Benitez

Hi! My name is Emily Benitez. I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I am a sophomore Elementary Education major. I am also getting a TEFL Certification. I love reading and watching shows and movies with my family. I can help you with MLA formatting, essays, and research papers! This is my first semester as a writing tutor, and I am excited for this semester!


Hey, my name is Ann, and I'm a junior from York, NE. I'm an English/writing major with minors in psychology and Spanish. This is my second year at the writing center, and I'm excited to help students work through the various challenges of writing papers, from organization to clarity to that darn conclusion. I'm especially helpful with literary analysis papers and MLA formatting. Fun fact: I've recently become way too interested in parallel sentence structure.

Samantha Nelson

Bonjour! I'm Samantha, and I'm a junior Broadcast Journalism major, with a writing minor. I transferred here from Washington state, so I'm pretty new to OC, but I'm thrilled to be here! I have always loved to read stories, so it made sense that I would eventually learn to love writing. I can help you with literature papers, argumentative essays, summaries, and any creative writing projects. When I'm not doing homework, I love drinking cocoa and watching movies while practicing embroidery or coloring.

My name is Shai Cunningham, and I am a Junior here at OC. I grew up in the midst of the potatoes fields of Idaho Falls, Idaho, and have had the opportunity to live in several other cities across the country. I am a student athlete who swims and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I am very excited to work with you through the Writer's Block, as it will allow me to get to know new people as I help you with lab reports.

Hi, I am Caleb, a senior English/Writing major with a minor in biology. I am in my second year at the writing center, and some of my strengths are thesis generation, organization, and sentence structure. I also have a lot of experience with creative writing, so I can assist with editing on that front. If you have any questions about worldbuilding, running a blog, or Dungeons and Dragons, feel free to ask.

Dr. Nathan Shank

Our boss (on the left). Not a tutor.