Meet Our Tutors

Isabel Belisle

Hi! I am an English Writing Major with a double major in Vocational Ministry. I love writing! I started writing when I was four, and since then it has become an essential part of who I am. It is my hope that through the writing center, I can help others get excited about writing (or at least complete the task of it!). Most of what I write is in MLA format, but I am familiar with with APA as well.

Coleman Dillahunty

Hi! I'm Coleman! I am a Mass Communications in Creative Media major from Tulsa, Oklahoma! I am a big outdoors lover, usually if I'm not on campus I'm hiking. I usually practice my writing skills by creating Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

Kellen Welch

Hi! I'm a senior English/Writing major with double minors in Music and General Business. This is my first year at the Writing Center, and I'm excited to see what's in store! My strengths are clarity, structure, and MLA. I'm also an Honors student, and I've had classes with most of the Lang/Lit faculty, so feel free to ask me about that Western Thought paper or your latest critical overview. When I'm not in the Writer's Block, you can find me organizing events for Sigma Tau Delta and/or Soundings.

Ann Magner

Hey, my name is Ann, and I'm a junior from York, NE. I'm an English/writing major with minors in psychology and Spanish. This is my second year at the writing center, and I'm excited to help students work through the various challenges of writing papers, from organization to clarity to that darn conclusion. I'm especially helpful with literary analysis papers and MLA formatting. Fun fact: I've recently become way too interested in parallel sentence structure.

Samantha Nelson

Bonjour! I'm Samantha, and I'm a junior Broadcast Journalism major, with a writing minor. I transferred here from Washington state, so I'm pretty new to OC, but I'm thrilled to be here! I have always loved to read stories, so it made sense that I would eventually learn to love writing. I can help you with literature papers, argumentative essays, summaries, and any creative writing projects. When I'm not doing homework, I love drinking cocoa and watching movies while practicing embroidery or coloring.

Rachel Morris

Hi! I'm Rachel, a sophomore from Edmond, Oklahoma. I'm a psychology major in the Honors program. I can help with research papers, which are my favorite things to write, as well as formatting, conceptualization, organization, and syntax. I hope to see you in the Writing Center!

Emily Venkatesan

Hi! I'm Emily and I am a sophomore from Laurel, Maryland. I am an English Pre-Law Major with two minors in Chemistry and Business Finance. I am also in the Honors Program. I love helping with topics, paragraph organization, and enjoy brainstorming creative ways to enhance technical writing. I can help you with paragraph style and simplifying verbose sentences. I also love to help with literary analysis, especially within the context of historical events.

My name is Peyton Jay and I enjoy working in the writing center because it gives me an opportunity to interact with students in my degree who I usually wouldn't ever encounter. I often tutor classes above and below my own so I am frequently meeting new students, and seeing what the program is like from their perspective. I'm a junior mechanical engineering student, and my biggest tutoring strength is probably my awkward/shyness. This may not seem like a strength, but I've gotten comfortable with tutoring in spite of it and it's helped me quite a bit while tutoring a major full of people like me. I definitely understand how awkward it feels to walk into a meeting with a stranger and show them your work.

Kaedyn Wright

Hey, I'm Kaedyn, the Spanish fellow with the writing center. I'm from Cushing, OK, and (oddly), I'm a math major with a Spanish minor. I'd be happy to help you with your Spanish papers or to help you better understand the grammar concepts. You can also come to me for your conversations. Estoy emocionada de trabajar contigo!

David Trigg

Sup! I'm David Trigg. I am a Junior Psychology major from Sumter, SC. I am most helpful when when I focus on encouraging students, addressing organizational structures, and making strong central statements. I'm excited to help y'all out this year!

My name is Shai Cunningham, and I am a Junior here at OC. I grew up in the midst of the potatoes fields of Idaho Falls, Idaho, and have had the opportunity to live in several other cities across the country. I am a student athlete who swims and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I am very excited to work with you through the Writer's Block, as it will allow me to get to know new people as I help you with lab reports.

Dr. Nathan Shank

Our boss (on the left). Not a tutor.