Meet Our Tutors

Isabel Belisle

Hi! I am an English Writing Major with a double major in Vocational Ministry. I love writing! I started writing when I was four, and since then it has become an essential part of who I am. It is my hope that through the writing center, I can help others get excited about writing (or at least complete the task of it!). Most of what I write is in MLA format, but I am familiar with with APA as well.

Coleman Dillahunty

Hi! I'm Coleman! I am a Mass Communications in Creative Media major from Tulsa, Oklahoma! I am a big outdoors lover, usually if I'm not on campus I'm hiking. I usually practice my writing skills by creating Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

Lucas Hayworth

Hey everybody, I'm one of the veteran tutors at the Writing Center, Lucas Hayworth. You probably haven't seen me around campus -- I'm a sneaky man who's only here for three hours per week, since I'm on my final semester. I thoroughly enjoy almost all kinds of music ranging from film scores by Hans Zimmer to electro beats by Daft Punk. One of these days I'll be able to see my favorite artists live. I hope to see you all live as well -- at least in our Writing Center! See you soon!

Ann Magner

I am an English/Writing major with a Music minor from York, Nebraska. I can help out new honors students with their daily writings and research papers, and I can also help with MLA formating.

Ruth Miller

Hi, my name is Ruth! I'm a senior from Houston, Texas studying Communication Design with a minor in English Writing. I'm also Soundings' graphic designer this year. I love writing and working as a tutor- helping students figure out problems in their papers in one of my favorite things to do. I can help you with persuasive essays, summaries, research papers, and lit papers, among other things.

Luana Miranda

Hi, my name is Luana. I am a senior and I am double majoring in political science and public communication and leadership. I was born in Brazil, I grew up in Massachusetts and now I live in the north Texas area. I love writing and helping students improve their skills. The areas I can help students with the most include overall organization, fluidity of ideas and arguments, and communications and history related papers. In addition, I do speak Portuguese and some Spanish, therefore, I can help students that may struggle due to language barriers.

Julia Nored

Hi there! My name is Julia Nored, and I am a Communication Design major and Marketing minor. I am from Katy, TX, and I am a junior this year. I can best help you with business related papers, literature-based essays, and persuasive essays. I’m very excited to work at the Writing Center this year!

Mary-Adele Parrish

My name is Mary-Adele Parrish, and I’m a senior working on my Spanish major with a second major in Missions. I am the Spanish fellow for the writing center, and would love to help you understand difficult Spanish grammar concepts or express yourself more fully on any of your Spanish papers. I am from Oregon, so I am a huge Oregon State Beavers fan! A fun fact about me is that I have way too many mugs (but I’m always willing to buy another one).

David Trigg

Sup! I'm David Trigg. I am a Junior Psychology major from Sumter, SC. I am most helpful when when I focus on encouraging students, addressing organizational structures, and making strong central statements. I'm excited to help y'all out this year!

Dr. Nathan Shank

Our boss (on the left). Not a tutor.